Now its Umbrella Revolution……Democracy bells at the door of Communism

Though it’s not a kind of Arab spring which has started since long back in 2011,but one can not deny that the recent Umbrella Revolution is not inherently different.True Globalisation is witnessing the Harbinger of Democracy  from Monarchic system  to Communism…..

Why is  so? before that………need to understand what is it?

Umbrella Revolution is kind of Pro democratic Movement erupts on the streets of Hong kong.Protesters are demanding the real Universal Suffrage .Students are the main participants for this but the word Revolution is misnomer because students protesting this as Civil disobedience movement rather to be called it as revolution.

actually it was Started as Occupy Central with Love and Peace

It was an attempt to Occupy the Central hall ,which is  Main Building and Center Point of administrative Control of  Hong Kong .Thats Why,People officially named it as Occupy Central with Love and Peace

What actually the demand?

protesters are claiming that Beijing had commit them  to Grant the Open Elections and true Universal  Adult Suffrage by Elections 2017 .

What is Current Demand?

Pro  Beijing Chief executive of Honkong Leung Chun-Ying  must step down and china should Bring  the electoral Reforms for Hong Kong.

Basically ,Hong kong is self administrative region under the People republic of China.It was the british colony till 1997 and thereafter china gained the power to Rule it.

Hong Kong chief executive gets elected through the China influence system.Here 1200 Election Committee of  Mainland China selects the contestant to fight for  the Chief Executive  . it is believed that committee Favours the Corporate Tycoons and Strong Supporter Of China

Expert says that Beijing is Currently pursuing the “One Country Two Systems” in Context of Mainland China and Hong kong.

Why it is named  as Umbrella Revolution?

In the era of Modern world,every protest or movement Needs a leader or some…. it was an attempt to do so.

When the protest erupts on the street,the Hong kong Police used the Pepper Spray  to Disseminate the protestors and in order to Defend themselves Protestor did use  Umbrella and  gave a symbolic tag to their cause.


Why Umbrella?…..:D

Actually Hong kong Climate is Monsoonal  Type and Frequent Rain forced People to Carry Umbrella along with them.

Interestingly after so many years ,Gandhian Values and Principles Can be Witnessed Here

Some of the protestor Wearing the t-shirt on which   the Quote of Gandhian Principle was printed.

An unjust law is itself a species of violence….Civil disobedience is the inherent right of the citizen

Acc. to TOI,one of the Protestor Told them,that this revolution is taking the inspiration for Non violence and Civil disobedience.

So in this sense……it is in Contrast with the Arab spring…or Egypt Revolution.

Some Commentators  are also saying that it is inspired from the March ’14 Sunflower Revolution of taiwan.

Why China doesn’t want to Loose Control Over it?

First and Foremost,that No country wants to Loose control Over its Territory.It is More Important For China to retain its Political Stronghold on the Region in Order to Maintain its status as global Power.

Hong Kong is Financial  Hub and wealthiest Region  of the China.Its 7 million Population has good economic Prosperity.

Why China is not Repressing it in its Usual Style?

yes,it is Very well Known fact that Die hard Communist Chinese Suppresses its Movements and revolution.

PLA doesn’t want to repeat the tianmnenn square incidence where on 4th June  1989, PLA openly fired on the prodemocarcy protestors.As a Result,China faced Several Criticism From the International Sphere and Human Rights Group with in Country itself.

So not wanted to Hong kong as  Mini Tiananmen

on the backhand China main counter USA  being Biggest democratic nation  is Supporting the Protest .

so many things are there…….but one thing is Clear  from these Revolutions ,the Era of imperialism and authoritarian Rule to be Over Soon.

But How India Related to Honkong Revolution?

Does India have any Stake in these type of revolution ?

Can India Used Honkong Revolution as Diplomatic Tool to Counter the China Strategy regarding Kashmir?

Its Time for India to take advantage of such changes and need to Consolidate the Diplomatic gain to counter the So called Biggest foreign threat to Indian Territory.

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Indian tiger Conundrum……..what is in Basket of chinese dragon?

Yes,…..Indian tiger ..not the elephent…vis a vis  the chinese dragon…..

Albeit,I was trying to bring the China  and Japan under the same article…….but later repudiated it.In my opinion china despite his hostility is still a  vital nation for India’s Growth and stability

Yes Very strongly  believe that China  is more important than Japan.(Not denigrating the fact that Japan is Trustworthy and India’s Largest External Financial Donor )

Recently Chinese president Visited India and Same time Chinese incursion in Ladakh created tension amid two nations.It’s not a new phenomenon china several times raised controversies related to arunachal and ladakh region

Some people are saying that this is Cuckoo Strategy ,Some saying that its pincer diplomacy from the support of Pakistan and some thinks that,it is simply a diplomacy.We Don’t Want to Indulge in these exotic terms…..

Lot of issues ,concerns and hopes are there, but no one able to understand what is this ?

what type of Diplomacy or strategy is this?

A Game or Kind of Diplomacy  between china,,Japan and USA by india is little bit risky and Might be Backfired ,said by International affairs expert.

So India should maintain the Diplomatic decorum between these worlds Crucial Players.All three are Important for us and only  Balanced  diplomacy is Favorable to India.

Hardliners in India like some Chauvinist ,Right Wing Elements(but After Coming to Power,their voice  has been silent) and some Former Military Commanders believes that  China is Flexing his muscles and Could attack India. yes, they might be True in some sense because the so-called Panchseel spirit has not been yet  restored since 1962 war.

They also says that China Incursion into Ladakh has resulted the loss of several km of Indian Land.Chinese troop Movement in The Indian Territory is not a new phenomenon,it has been from several years.but the loss of land argument seems inauthentic.

Experts says that war between these two nations worsen the situation and  may ignites the 3rd world war.Moreover, expert went to extent that it will be disastrous and  Lead to world into  Stone age…..yes… 4th world war will be fought with the help of stones.

But in Practicality it is Hard to say that China will go for  war with India.It would not be easy for China too.if war happens ,most probably (not certainly…because we  are Nuclear  Power .:P..Hum to doobenge sanam tum ko bhee le doobnege..) Huge loss for both Nation.

There is stance   against the Hardliners argument.

There is strong Fact that  Since 1987 Skirmish more particularly 1992 between China and India at LAC,no single bullet has been fired from both sides.this made the LAC(Line of Actual Control),one of Peaceful Border of world.

India is Market for the China and Vital for the Chinese Economy.This has been supported by the fact that China has in surplus Trade with India along overall Trade of 80 billion USD(2012-official data).Recently. Chinese President in a special  Article to Indian Newspaper mentioned that”China is world Factory and India is World Back Office ,these two nations will produce the World’s Most Competitive production Base”.

China is aware about fact that India is Worlds third largest Economy in terms of PPP(Technical……dn’t wrry Long  Live Google or Can go to my Publication ABC of Economics) and to disturb this ,it may sundial for China because of Economic relation with India.


Being known to fact that China and India are neighbours & also Biggest players in Asia,instability due to war or Cold War might hurt the benefits of Both.this may hamper the Growth of Both Top Economies and will paved the way for Undue advantage to Western Nations.

India and China,both are developing nation and are in Process of advanced it is important for both to take a firm stand against the Developed nations on environmental issues.Moreover,Both has been equivocal on several climatic issues like Copenhagen summit,Doha round negotiations etc.

Both shared the BASIC,BRICS and Recently Agreed for BRICS Bank..

Former PM Manmohan singh once said that “when china and India Shakes hand then World take notices”and  recently it has been reiterated by Chinese President Xi Xinping(:p not eleven XinPing) in different form that  “ When India and China speak in one voice, the world will pay attention.

Above all arguments,we can support the statement that “China will not attack on its Interest(India)”

but surely not certain about the Chinese strategy and India should be kept eye on every inch movement.India should Prepare to a face any debacle like sino India 1962 war.

No body knows about that what is going in mind of china’s think-tank and what would be next strategy against the India.

This is all about diplomatic matrix.

Are in this article we are too much optimistic?

Is India a soft Nation  ?

we will Catch these question in Next article………

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Democracy in India is Not Achilles Heel!!

Prescript:This is my old article which had written in 2013, ……….

What a clumsy, beautiful mess democracy can be 🙂

Democracy is what?the Answer is Simple…. for the People by the people… So citizens have great political impact on system.

India is the largest democracy in the world. Indian democracy has been an act of faith from the outset. No one can challenge  that it has been smooth sailing since independence , and the ship of state has come close to foundering on the shoals of sectarian tensions, but the world’s largest democracy has weathered considerable challenges to chart a sound course for its future.

It’s Not a debatable Point , a country that is striving to be an economic global powerhouse is being pulled down by its own political system’. ‘no system is perfect, people from the country have to change that by participating in the system and being the part of the system. ‘

We all knows about that the factor shackling the india is bad politics.Politics is not always bad ,sometimes it may be good.question comes across the mind of Investors why should anyone invest in india where corruption is nurtured by political system.

In the Last years, India has been  the  witness of some  protests in which crowds largely composed of  Common urbanites have taken to the streets to demand a more accountable and responsive Political System.

Beginning in the mid of 2011, citizens joined in anticorruption Movement led by the social activists who agitated for reform after Corruption & various scams . The Natural anger is entirely justified, and the factors linked to Political System  woes are well-known –Corruption and Crime among the ranks of elected officials, and a crushing system bureaucracy. However, the root causes mostly go unexplored.

Although Being Part of Democratic nation in india,Every body has right to Speech,Right to Protest and freedom of expression but sometimes beyond the limits ,it may harm the democratic Structure of Nation.Everybody has definite role in the Constitution.There is also Particular Role of Civil Society’s and NGO’s  in the system,they act as Pressure Groups and It’s necessary to Show their Anger through Demonstrations and Protest .But to blame on every issue and show Protest every time,it looks a serious threat to democracy.who will decide what is right?you,me or they……no we Should decide and election is best way, which is backbone of democracy.So we should use that Predefined and best possible way to run the system in spite of blackmailing the System. People Should raise their demands by taking  part in Particular system of elections leaving behind other alternatives.

Every body is talking about system.what actually it is ?we made the  system and  we are indefinite part of it. We should use our Power of Vote.If anybody  doesn’t like any candidate, go for 49(0) Null Voting system to discard the candidate.(Now Provision of NOTA in Ballot)

The upward mobile class in India shuns voting. If they understand their responsibility and come out to Vote,Can change the system.One vote one value is beauty of democracy.

“A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.”
― Theodore Roosevelt


We should  need to reevaluate our Judicial and electoral System and make changes in constitutional manner without being radicalism.

People should not allow communalism, separatism, casteism, terrorism, etc to raise their heads.They are a threat to democracy.

Certain matters by their very nature should be left to administrative authorities rather than Civil society’s,NGO’s seeking to substitute their own views and perceptions of ‘what is the best solution to the problem.’

The conclusion is not that the  democratic institutions have been Perfectly good, nor that the ballot box is an elixir for India’s ills, but simply that civic participation channelled through the vote is better than the alternatives.

                     Democracy is worst form of govt,but it is best available.

On Realistic Note the purpose of any political system should be the peaceful resolution of conflicts of interest and the just allocation of public resources.

The solution of problem lies in the Problem itself.This is our public responsibility to show trust in Our democratic system and to call for structural and economic reforms .

The government, the Civil Society’s  and the people together should work collectively for the economic development of the nation. Changes should come through peaceful, democratic and constitutional means.

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Chinese Panda Diplomacy

Recently came across the Editorial in The Indian Express regarding china panda diplomacy and in this author maintained that china might carry panda diplomacy  with India too after designation of  Narender modi  as PM.


So What actually it is? is china panda diplomacy a pejorative term? or is it in positive connotation?

Lets try to analyse  this

Panda diplomacy can be  traced its root in china from its historical past as far as Tang Dynasty.In modern era ,during late 60s and early 0s china used to gift Panda in Good will Gesture to thier allies such as came into world forum when in 1972 china gave two pandas to us president richard Nixon in thanks to their historical visit to normalise the relationship between china nad usa but after 1984,when panda put in endangered list,china started to provide Panda on Loan or Lease Basis.

Panda diplomacy is based on the Chinese concept of ‘Guanxi’ denoting deep trade relationships characterised by trust, loyalty and longevity. Pandas are conservation icons and boost a zoo’s brand. If a panda is given to the country, the Chinese have entrusted an endangered, precious animal and importantly a Chinese national treasure to the country; it signifies in some ways a new start to the relationship.

Recently China compared PM Narender modi to Nixon and trying to normalise the relationship with India.So,Some Journalist and Political Commentators are expecting that China may Start the New Relationship with India through Panda  Diplomacy.


But it has been Criticised by environmentalist nad International Envirocare organizations to loan panda; arguing that it is more of commercial relationship rather to promote environment Sustainiblity

So Lets Wait for dragon initiative to Gift Panda to Indian Tiger.

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The Unsung Gandhian…….Irom Sharmila

Anna Hazare’s Fast unto death on Lokpal,TRS chief KC Rao Fast on the issue of Telangana and Several Other who supposed to be Protest with Gandhain Value .

These  Satyagrah has been in Media picture during thier Protest.There Protest last upto 10-12 or Max 20 Days. But there are also few who has been farway from these attention some of them are G.D Agarwal who fasted thrice for Ganga campaign and Very Recently in 2011 to save ganga from illegal mining,famous gangaputra nigamanad saraswati died on his 115th day of fast. As Usual Like Others on Sympathetic and Impulsive Tone,He got some attention after the Death but forgotten with in week of his death. 7

Leave aside  these stories,Here is another one who has been Fasting from Last 14 yrs.

Irom Chanu Sharmila “the Iron Lady of Manipur” who has been arrested  during their Hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in 2006 on Ground of IPC Section 309( 😛  not a Law Graduate ok…..309 deals with attempt to Sucide.

She has been 28yrs old during thier Hunger Strike.Sudeep Chakravty author of red sun has  called her ” a Living Matryr” It is again a  matter of Debate that  Suicide  is ethical or Not ? and Moreover Euthanasia is again ethical or Not?

I will discuss with this raising Concern in upcoming Articles but before this lets check the state incompetence to deal with this sensitive matter.



Why She has been on Hunger Strike ?

She has been Fasting since  5 Nov. 2000 demanding the repeal of Dracoanian AFSPA (Draconian acc. to her) in Manipur.she has not been taking any food and water .she went on   hunger strike on next day of  “Malom Massacre”.During this Massacre,10 Civiilians were Killed including National Child Bravery award winner by Assam Rifles.   Hunger Strike?…..then how is she alive? Well,she has been forced to take vitamin and nutrients to be alive by nastogastric intubation.(again technical 😛 Not a  Medico..go to google 😀 )

Why She got arrested?

Well in India being part of modernised world suicide is not only  unethical but also  unlawful activity thereby Crime under the section 309 of Indian Penal Code. She has been Arrested in Manipur as well as Delhi during 2000 and 2006 respectively. Recently she has been Cahrged by the chief judicial magistrate of Imphal East district &  ruled that prima facie evidence had been found against Sharmila on the attempting to commit suicide, and that the courts would begin hearing prosecution witnesses.

What is AFSPA,1958 and why  sometimes is to be  called Draconian?

This is very long ranging debate from Kashmir to Imphal via Delhi.but for short it is Armed force Special Powers Act enacted in 1958 which gave power to army to regulate and control the affected area with thier own Provisions and Rules. It has been argued and believed that it is bieng misused by Authorities.


India as world Largest Democracy still not able to resolve these issues.Yes,State bieng caretaker of citizen  should Protect his or her  Life but same time should try to know the reason behind this.why he or she is trying to do so ?

India should Act as Mature democratic nation and should resolve this matter as soon as possible because states duty is not only to protect the  mere life must provide life with dignity,pride and just life.

and last but  not the least ,Media which is very famous as Fourth pillar of democarcy should Continous ask the authorities and Maintain Pressure on Govt. to Resolve this Matter.



This is first article in the series of Personality,in which we will try to discuss those prominent figure which has very imperative role in their respective area.

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Elections 2014…………………New Spring in Indian Politics

Elections 2014 somewhat surprising for too many but not for all.the reason behind this is very well known that it has ended the coalition era by giving first majority govt. almost after 30 years.

Definitely this is  a new spring in india and it can be felt everywhere.

Though I am not supporter of any party and preoccupied ideology but still not feeling much comfortable  with the PM designate Narender  Modi.Despite this, He is going to be  my Prime minister and as a care takerof the state I can expect lot from them ( 😉 not Compromising my Free Choice)

I am going to do certain analysis which will throw the some lights on mandate of  Elections 2014 ….

Q.Was there any Modi Wave? 

Very well Known Fact!!!!!……Yes, it was the Modi wave and anybody can agree(Finally INC has also  accepted) with that after the Elections Result.

282 seats acquired by BJP is strong fact that proves that there was the wave and ofcourse it was Modi Wave.but who created this or what enforces this wave to blow across the country.This might because of well Planned Strategy,Modi’s Aggresive Attitude against the opposition,BJP Stronghold in Hindi heartland or Modi’s Marketing of Gujrat Developmentmal Model. But all we will agree on that,there was strong resentment against the UPA Govt and also there was the very popular  Anti-incumbancy factor.

Despite this, one cannot be absolute and sametime it can be argued that if there was modi wave then what led to BJP’s Strong Players like Shanawaj hussian and FM in Waiting Arun Jaitely ouster.

😉 one can again argue that by saying “Exceptions are always there”


Q.How democracy has been matured by this victory of right wing forces?

A thumping Victory of BJP which is undisputedly Countrys Major Right wing force led the new   equations of Secular and Caste Politics. The So called  “ garh” of caste and relegion politics,uttar pradesh  has been blown away by the BJP & Apna Dal with 73 seats out of 80.

There is no discussion required here because  it was very  clear mandate in favour of BJP occured due to the polarisation of votes. Somehow  Gandhi  duos(Sonia and Rahul) and Yadav Panchaal(Yadav Family-Mulayam-2seats,Dimple,Dharmender and Akshay) able to manage thier seats :D.

but main point is there how it  has helped  to mature the democracy?

Democarcy is all about 5D  deliberation ,dialogue, debate ,discussion and Decision and all other regional parties in UP failed to do so .But ,I can’t take absolutistic view on Regional party ineffeciencys because the AIDMK,TMC and BJD  gives us  the different Picture. But Since UP is Largest State in tems of Parliamentary seats and it has been centerpoint of caste and Secular Politics in India,so I am going to Explore the UP majorily.

It has strenghthen the democarcy with eliminating the old equations of Muslim,Dalit and Higher Caste Vote Bank.BJP Victory gives the impression that now politics has been changed and it will not merely going to be  based on caste and communal politics.

People has showed their faith in BJP which is ardent believer of Hindutva not just  because of their Ideology but they Majorily  Voted in Favour  of Ineffiency of the Secular & Caste based  Political Parties.People were fascinated towards the Modi Wave (as it has already discussed what were the Ingredients of this wave) and wanted to get rid off from secular and caste based Partys. Majority of people believes that the parties lost their gound because they were not doing that politics on which it was really based.They were getting away from thier Core Ideology and  Ineffiency to address the Serious Concern regarding thier Devolpment in terms of education,health,employment rather they were using it as their vote Banks.

These Political Parties were enjoying the status quo(which they had established with hardwork @ground level) and were started to  use these sections merely a vote Bank. Aftermath,they are able to understand and knows that why they lost their ground.some of the examplery Activities by these political parties  are very widespread among media……BSP and SP dissolved thier all floor to high level committies and same time BSP started to designate the at least 1 dalit at each level of Committees.

Bihar CM (Now Ex-CM 😀 ) led the one more step as stepping down and designate the Mahadalit Jeetanram manjhi to be Chief Minister.This is very Bold & Visionary  step to Woo the Lower sections Voter which believed to be getting away from JDU.Nitish kumar is eyeing on the 2015 Assembly elections and through this step they wanted to savetheir “qila” .

These all deveoplments resulted due to outcome of Mandate 2014 and  indirectly strenghtning the democracy.


PS:-There is lot more in the series of Elections 2014-Internal Democracy.We will Analyse the some more Questions…..such as

Is It Last Rite for the Congress?

Does BSP Wipeout from UP really shows clear picture of Lost Ground?


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Elections in India-Some Intersting Facts ….one should Know

1.In 1984-85 General Elections Indian national Congress won 414 seats* out of 533 seats  in the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi Guided by Wave of Empathy(Due to Indira gandhi Assasination) is largest Victory by Any party in History of India.

*50% seat share and Majority Bieng(half of   total seats )267

2.Indira Gandhi is the only Prime Minister till date who has lost a Lok Sabha election, while still in office. In 1977, she lost from Rae Bareli by a margin of 55,202 votes against Rajnarayan.

3.The largest victory margin in a Lok Sabha election is around 6 lakh (5,92,502 to be precise). Anil Basu of CPM defeated BJP candidate Swapan Kumar Nandi in 2004 Lok Sabha election by this huge margin in Arambagh constituency in West Bengal

4.The smallest victory margin in an assembly election is 1 vote and there are two candidates who hold this record. Most recently, CP Joshi, lost to BJP candidate Kalyan Singh Chauhan in Nathdwara constituency in Rajasthan in 2008 assembly elections by just one vote. His mother, wife and driver did not turn up to vote on polling day.

 Neena Verma of BJP too had won by 1 vote in 2008 from Dhar, MP.

In karnataka AC election 2004, at Santhemarahalli candidate Dhruvanarayana R also won by 1 vote.

5.Rajiv gandhi won its election  from amethi against Maneka gandhi in 1984-85 by margin of 83.7% share which is still record.

6.the highest victory margins since 1962 have ranged between 1,57,692 votes (polled by Gayatri Devi from Jaipur in 1962) and 5,92,502 votes (polled by Basu). On the other hand, the smallest margins range between 9 votes and 317 votes, the latter recorded by Namo Narain of INC from Tonk-Sawai Madhopur seat in 2009. 

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