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Diplomatic,Political,Economical and Cultural Relations of India with the Countries Across the World

Disparity in Sympathy….Paris Attack vs Nigerian Massacre

While the world was busy condemning the Paris Terror attack, Poor Nigerians were Facing  One of the Deadliest Terror  attack in the history.Thousands of Bodies ..whole Village Burnt……Acc. to Amnesty International ,Nigerian Massacre where 2000 people were killed is one … Continue reading

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Now its Umbrella Revolution……Democracy bells at the door of Communism

Though it’s not a kind of Arab spring which has started since long back in 2011,but one can not deny that the recent Umbrella Revolution is not inherently different.True Globalisation is witnessing the Harbinger of Democracy  from Monarchic system  to Communism….. … Continue reading

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Indian tiger Conundrum……..what is in Basket of chinese dragon?

Yes,…..Indian tiger ..not the elephent…vis a vis  the chinese dragon….. Albeit,I was trying to bring the China  and Japan under the same article…….but later repudiated it.In my opinion china despite his hostility is still a  vital nation for India’s Growth … Continue reading

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Chinese Panda Diplomacy

Recently came across the Editorial in The Indian Express regarding china panda diplomacy and in this author maintained that china might carry panda diplomacy  with India too after designation of  Narender modi  as PM. So What actually it is? is china … Continue reading

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A friend indeed is a friend in need…..Indo-Russia Relations

“Russia has stood by India at moments of great international challenge, when our own resources were limited, and our friends were few. Beyond all the assistance that we have received, it is this last fact that Indians will never forget,”…………These … Continue reading

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