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Who is Hindu?…….Decoded by Dr.Shashi Tharoor

The Complete article can be read at NDTV Blog.The article is written by Member of Parliament Dr.Shashi Tharoor. I am reproducing the same words(Certain Section of the blog) and I believe these words are immortal for any proud Hindu. … Continue reading

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Adhyadesh..Promulgating the ordinance -Fact File

  Fact File..Ordinance Ordinance is Special Authorotative Order to enact law & Procedure in extraordinary circumstances  -Our Constitution explicitly mentions that when Houses are not in session and circumstances exist that demand urgent action, the President (123) and the Governor (213) … Continue reading

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Abrogating Article 370 …….Is It Solution to Kashmir Problem?

Will take up arms if you remove the A 370…. Removing Article  370 will Push away Kashmir From India ……….. These are some recent examples of  deep chauvinism….towards Article 370 . Very Interestingly the first Statement is of representative of BJP,the … Continue reading

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Democracy in India is Not Achilles Heel!!

Prescript:This is my old article which had written in 2013, ………. What a clumsy, beautiful mess democracy can be 🙂 Democracy is what?the Answer is Simple…. for the People by the people… So citizens have great political impact on system. India is the … Continue reading

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Elections 2014…………………New Spring in Indian Politics

Elections 2014 somewhat surprising for too many but not for all.the reason behind this is very well known that it has ended the coalition era by giving first majority govt. almost after 30 years. Definitely this is  a new spring … Continue reading

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Elections in India-Some Intersting Facts ….one should Know

1.In 1984-85 General Elections Indian national Congress won 414 seats* out of 533 seats  in the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi Guided by Wave of Empathy(Due to Indira gandhi Assasination) is largest Victory by Any party in History of India. *50% … Continue reading

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