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Who is Hindu?…….Decoded by Dr.Shashi Tharoor

The Complete article can be read at NDTV Blog.The article is written by Member of Parliament Dr.Shashi Tharoor. I am reproducing the same words(Certain Section of the blog) and I believe these words are immortal for any proud Hindu. … Continue reading

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The way ahead? ….Motivation

Failure ,hoplessness and harshness are the part of life and after sometime it gradually opens the door for success .Everyone agrees  but only in peace time…means  a person in normal time who believes that failure is part of success but when … Continue reading

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Photos that are Crying for Humanity……..

World is Cruel…Humanity is no where…..Survival of fittest? Why should not I lose My faith in Humanity?Why should not I scream? …. There are some pictures which have sparked the outrage from around the world  Year-2015  Place–   Syria ,Found dead nearby … Continue reading

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RIP Aruna Shanbaug …..Euthanasia debate reignited

Aruna Ramachandra Shanbaug was brutally assaulted by a sweeper ward boy in King Edward Memorial hospital where she worked. She was in permanent vegetative state since 1973. Aruna was looked after by the  KEM hospital staff nurses. After 42 years, she … Continue reading

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Adhyadesh..Promulgating the ordinance -Fact File

  Fact File..Ordinance Ordinance is Special Authorotative Order to enact law & Procedure in extraordinary circumstances  -Our Constitution explicitly mentions that when Houses are not in session and circumstances exist that demand urgent action, the President (123) and the Governor (213) … Continue reading

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Disparity in Sympathy….Paris Attack vs Nigerian Massacre

While the world was busy condemning the Paris Terror attack, Poor Nigerians were Facing  One of the Deadliest Terror  attack in the history.Thousands of Bodies ..whole Village Burnt……Acc. to Amnesty International ,Nigerian Massacre where 2000 people were killed is one … Continue reading

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Abrogating Article 370 …….Is It Solution to Kashmir Problem?

Will take up arms if you remove the A 370…. Removing Article  370 will Push away Kashmir From India ……….. These are some recent examples of  deep chauvinism….towards Article 370 . Very Interestingly the first Statement is of representative of BJP,the … Continue reading

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