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The Blogger is  a self Proclaimed Political Analyst.He has no experience  in Politics and Administration.Just merely by Analyzing,Reading the Newspaper ,Some Blogs & magazines & watching News Media and He declared himself a political Analyst.


But Blogger Argues that

“Politics and administration no one  learn from the embryo &   have a one’s Right about to Talk,Discuss and Contemplate regarding  their future that is directly linked to society and state policy’s thereby relates to Politics and administration”

with  the general thought that any anybody can  debate on politics and Cricket in India,so one can say that  😛 I am also one’s of them.

I am B.E(again  Common 😛 in India) Graduate of University of Delhi and have Experience as Mechanical Engineer in Operations Management.

I love to talk & Discuss(not More than that because I didn’t join any cause or NGO and still enjoying the comfort Zone) about Politics and Administration

PS:I am not a believer of any  Particular Ideology because I believe it is all misconception.Every Ideology aims for Common Good but its  means are different.I am yet too immature to understand what  these means so not able to follow it.




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