Who is Hindu?…….Decoded by Dr.Shashi Tharoor

The Complete article can be read at NDTV Blog.The article is written by Member of Parliament Dr.Shashi Tharoor.


I am reproducing the same words(Certain Section of the blog) and I believe these words are immortal for any proud Hindu.


“I am proud of my Hinduism, not merely because I was born into it, but because of its intellectual “fit”: I am more comfortable with the belief structures of Hinduism than I would be with those of the other faiths of which I know. Hinduism is, in many ways, predicated on the idea that the eternal wisdom of the ages about divinity cannot be confined to a single catechism. As a Hindu, I can claim adherence to a religion without an established church or priestly papacy, a religion whose rituals and customs I am free to reject, a religion that does not oblige me to demonstrate my faith by any visible sign, by subsuming my identity in any collectivity, not even by a specific day or time or frequency of worship. (There is no Hindu Pope, no Hindu Vatican, no Hindu catechism, not even a Hindu Sunday.) As a Hindu, I subscribe to a creed that is free of the restrictive dogmas of holy writ — that refuses to be shackled to the limitations of a single holy book.

Above all, as a Hindu I belong to the only major religion in the world that does not claim to be the only true religion. I find it immensely congenial to be able to face my fellow human beings of other faiths without being burdened by the conviction that I am embarked upon a “true path” that they have missed.  Hinduism asserts that all ways of belief are equally valid, and Hindus readily venerate the saints and the sacred objects of other faiths. I am proud that I can honour the sanctity of other religions without feeling I am betraying my own.”



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