The way ahead? ….Motivation

Failure ,hoplessness and harshness are the part of life and after sometime it gradually opens the door for success .Everyone agrees  but only in peace time…means  a person in normal time who believes that failure is part of success but when it comes to self…a person feels start disheartening and doesn’t accept the very notion that failure is part of life rather he ask why me? why me again?

actually this  is phenomenon which fears everyone….so one must remember that failure is inherent part of everyone life…but to overcome failure or to get up from failure depends … can accept it…and move on…or one can stick to it….and feel the pain and agony….

Nevertheless the story of majestic Eagle Story of Rebirth  seems to give…. a road ahead..


but the story is totally a hoax…..No one can teach you a to get up from failures? how to avoid the pain? how to rehaul?…it is only…you …you have to decide your own….you are the creator of your destiny…you have to find out the ways and solutions…which is only unique to you….The Solution of problem lies in the problem itself….keep a relax…flow out of the emotions and start gearing up for new assignment…..This is a life… no one is free from Natural Law that speaks…if there is day there will be night…if there is sunshine there will be rain..if there is joy there will be misery…… start adopting new ways (unique to you…fit for you only) to address the issues and challenges…

That’s a true way….Road Ahead!..Never Give Up!

Rehaul…Reinvent and Change the Process…give a new lease of rightly remarked by Iqbal…




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