Photos that are Crying for Humanity……..

World is Cruel…Humanity is no where…..Survival of fittest? Why should not I lose My faith in Humanity?Why should not I scream? ….

There are some pictures which have sparked the outrage from around the world 


Place–   Syria ,Found dead nearby turkish coast.

Description– Amid Syrian unrest and refugee crisis to europe ,3 year-old Aylan Kurdi, one of 12 Syrians who drowned when their boats sank trying to reach Greece.

Photographer:Nilufer Demir


Year– March 2015 

Place– Syrian refugee camp

Description-Little girl so scarred by war that she stared into a camera lens believing it was weapon and raised her arms in surrender

Photographer-Osman sargili


Year-Feb 2015 

Place– ISIS controlled Iraqi region

Description-Jordanian Pilot Kaseasbeh Burned Alive by Islamic State.

Photographer-snippet from video released by ISIS


Year– March 1993 

Place– Sudan

Description-A  hooded vulture waits  for the malnourished little girl to die.

Photographer:Kevin Carter committed suicide three months after winning the Pulitzer Prize for this Picture.


Year– Dec 1984 

Place– Bhopal,India

Description-unknown  buried child has become the icon of the world’s worst industrial disaster, Bhopal gas tragedy. No one knows his parents, and no one has ever come forward to ‘claim’ this photograph.”

Photographer:Pablo Bartholomew’s took the color picture, Raghu Rai took the black and white

Pictures are lifted from the Internet.The info. and stories related to these pictures are widely available on Internet. 


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2 Responses to Photos that are Crying for Humanity……..

  1. inc says:

    Shocking. Powerful. Eye-opening. Informative.

    Reminds me of the photos in the news of those who had died when they had gotten trampled upon by the thousands of people making the trek from Mecca this year.

    Thank you for sharing.

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