Disparity in Sympathy….Paris Attack vs Nigerian Massacre

While the world was busy condemning the Paris Terror attack, Poor Nigerians were Facing  One of the Deadliest Terror  attack in the history.Thousands of Bodies ..whole Village Burnt……Acc. to Amnesty International ,Nigerian Massacre where 2000 people were killed is one of the Deadliest in History.

Despite this ,the World paid attention to only one type of Terrorism, that faced by Society of Elites and Affluent,not by the  Poor and Marginalised.Why did the  world Ignore the Nigerian Massacre?what makes one incident more newsworthy than the other?

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Paris Attack                                                                              Baga Massacre

I haven’t Witnessed any special Coverage of the Nigerian Massacre  like the Paris Attack by the International Media . Are the lives of Nigerians Killed in the Extremist attack not worthy enough for the attention of the International community.Why is there Disparity in sympathy?

Regarding the Coverage ,Some Liberals insist that the reporters didn’t have the reach to the remote area of Nigeria where the incident happened and at the same time highlighted the security risk to the media?is that so ?so why was it not so in the case of Iraq, where Several Journalists were beheaded by ISIS.

Baga the north-eastern town of Nigeria is Equally Important as Paris.Lives of Paris Victims are as precious as those of Baga Victims. World need to be rational, must look at the Nigerian Massacre with same seriousness and must act to eradicate  extremism from the whole world.

The passionate solidarity march and angry editorials are missing in the case of Nigerian Massacre,except for some concerned people’s  tweets  with #bokoharam

Screenshot (3)

I am not saying that we should demean the paris attacks seriousness ,just on account of having less victimization but requesting the world to pay attention towards African Genocide. Forget rest of the world, even African International Community and Journalism is equally Responsible for Not Highlighting their Own Problems and issues.

So one thing we can say is that, the French Community is United ,works on principle of  “aggression against one will  be perceived as aggression against all “and that is missing in the case of African Community. Since Nigeria was a colony of Britain, Britain should help Nigeria in combating extremism.Though the largest democracy of the world, India Condemned the Paris Attack,but it ignored Nigerian massacre.None of Govt.officials spoke about the horrible act. This reluctancy and Silence of the world gives  us only one message:

                      “No body wants to look deep into the eye of Poor and Downtrodden”

How Horrible the massacre was?…..This time I will not leave you by asking a question,but by leaving you with a picture


 PS:Any suggestion or clarification are most welcome.Please mark your valuable inputs in Comment Box.



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3 Responses to Disparity in Sympathy….Paris Attack vs Nigerian Massacre

  1. Though sufferings should not be measured, there definitely exists a politics which makes sufferings of a particular section appear more gruesome than others. I think this is what had happened in this case. I also think while this hebdo issue is very complex but the dominant discourse is hark on seeing it too simply..reason is the same, the same politics works. Good article..my only suggestion would be that you also try to explore the reason. I think that you could have touched on the issue of islamophobia as well as religious extremism..

  2. Agreed, Next time will elaborate the reason too.Thanks for your valuable time and suggestion! Keep visiting !

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