Now its Umbrella Revolution……Democracy bells at the door of Communism

Though it’s not a kind of Arab spring which has started since long back in 2011,but one can not deny that the recent Umbrella Revolution is not inherently different.True Globalisation is witnessing the Harbinger of Democracy  from Monarchic system  to Communism…..

Why is  so? before that………need to understand what is it?

Umbrella Revolution is kind of Pro democratic Movement erupts on the streets of Hong kong.Protesters are demanding the real Universal Suffrage .Students are the main participants for this but the word Revolution is misnomer because students protesting this as Civil disobedience movement rather to be called it as revolution.

actually it was Started as Occupy Central with Love and Peace

It was an attempt to Occupy the Central hall ,which is  Main Building and Center Point of administrative Control of  Hong Kong .Thats Why,People officially named it as Occupy Central with Love and Peace

What actually the demand?

protesters are claiming that Beijing had commit them  to Grant the Open Elections and true Universal  Adult Suffrage by Elections 2017 .

What is Current Demand?

Pro  Beijing Chief executive of Honkong Leung Chun-Ying  must step down and china should Bring  the electoral Reforms for Hong Kong.

Basically ,Hong kong is self administrative region under the People republic of China.It was the british colony till 1997 and thereafter china gained the power to Rule it.

Hong Kong chief executive gets elected through the China influence system.Here 1200 Election Committee of  Mainland China selects the contestant to fight for  the Chief Executive  . it is believed that committee Favours the Corporate Tycoons and Strong Supporter Of China

Expert says that Beijing is Currently pursuing the “One Country Two Systems” in Context of Mainland China and Hong kong.

Why it is named  as Umbrella Revolution?

In the era of Modern world,every protest or movement Needs a leader or some…. it was an attempt to do so.

When the protest erupts on the street,the Hong kong Police used the Pepper Spray  to Disseminate the protestors and in order to Defend themselves Protestor did use  Umbrella and  gave a symbolic tag to their cause.


Why Umbrella?…..:D

Actually Hong kong Climate is Monsoonal  Type and Frequent Rain forced People to Carry Umbrella along with them.

Interestingly after so many years ,Gandhian Values and Principles Can be Witnessed Here

Some of the protestor Wearing the t-shirt on which   the Quote of Gandhian Principle was printed.

An unjust law is itself a species of violence….Civil disobedience is the inherent right of the citizen

Acc. to TOI,one of the Protestor Told them,that this revolution is taking the inspiration for Non violence and Civil disobedience.

So in this sense……it is in Contrast with the Arab spring…or Egypt Revolution.

Some Commentators  are also saying that it is inspired from the March ’14 Sunflower Revolution of taiwan.

Why China doesn’t want to Loose Control Over it?

First and Foremost,that No country wants to Loose control Over its Territory.It is More Important For China to retain its Political Stronghold on the Region in Order to Maintain its status as global Power.

Hong Kong is Financial  Hub and wealthiest Region  of the China.Its 7 million Population has good economic Prosperity.

Why China is not Repressing it in its Usual Style?

yes,it is Very well Known fact that Die hard Communist Chinese Suppresses its Movements and revolution.

PLA doesn’t want to repeat the tianmnenn square incidence where on 4th June  1989, PLA openly fired on the prodemocarcy protestors.As a Result,China faced Several Criticism From the International Sphere and Human Rights Group with in Country itself.

So not wanted to Hong kong as  Mini Tiananmen

on the backhand China main counter USA  being Biggest democratic nation  is Supporting the Protest .

so many things are there…….but one thing is Clear  from these Revolutions ,the Era of imperialism and authoritarian Rule to be Over Soon.

But How India Related to Honkong Revolution?

Does India have any Stake in these type of revolution ?

Can India Used Honkong Revolution as Diplomatic Tool to Counter the China Strategy regarding Kashmir?

Its Time for India to take advantage of such changes and need to Consolidate the Diplomatic gain to counter the So called Biggest foreign threat to Indian Territory.


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