Indian tiger Conundrum……..what is in Basket of chinese dragon?

Yes,…..Indian tiger ..not the elephent…vis a vis  the chinese dragon…..

Albeit,I was trying to bring the China  and Japan under the same article…….but later repudiated it.In my opinion china despite his hostility is still a  vital nation for India’s Growth and stability

Yes Very strongly  believe that China  is more important than Japan.(Not denigrating the fact that Japan is Trustworthy and India’s Largest External Financial Donor )

Recently Chinese president Visited India and Same time Chinese incursion in Ladakh created tension amid two nations.It’s not a new phenomenon china several times raised controversies related to arunachal and ladakh region

Some people are saying that this is Cuckoo Strategy ,Some saying that its pincer diplomacy from the support of Pakistan and some thinks that,it is simply a diplomacy.We Don’t Want to Indulge in these exotic terms…..

Lot of issues ,concerns and hopes are there, but no one able to understand what is this ?

what type of Diplomacy or strategy is this?

A Game or Kind of Diplomacy  between china,,Japan and USA by india is little bit risky and Might be Backfired ,said by International affairs expert.

So India should maintain the Diplomatic decorum between these worlds Crucial Players.All three are Important for us and only  Balanced  diplomacy is Favorable to India.

Hardliners in India like some Chauvinist ,Right Wing Elements(but After Coming to Power,their voice  has been silent) and some Former Military Commanders believes that  China is Flexing his muscles and Could attack India. yes, they might be True in some sense because the so-called Panchseel spirit has not been yet  restored since 1962 war.

They also says that China Incursion into Ladakh has resulted the loss of several km of Indian Land.Chinese troop Movement in The Indian Territory is not a new phenomenon,it has been from several years.but the loss of land argument seems inauthentic.

Experts says that war between these two nations worsen the situation and  may ignites the 3rd world war.Moreover, expert went to extent that it will be disastrous and  Lead to world into  Stone age…..yes… 4th world war will be fought with the help of stones.

But in Practicality it is Hard to say that China will go for  war with India.It would not be easy for China too.if war happens ,most probably (not certainly…because we  are Nuclear  Power .:P..Hum to doobenge sanam tum ko bhee le doobnege..) Huge loss for both Nation.

There is stance   against the Hardliners argument.

There is strong Fact that  Since 1987 Skirmish more particularly 1992 between China and India at LAC,no single bullet has been fired from both sides.this made the LAC(Line of Actual Control),one of Peaceful Border of world.

India is Market for the China and Vital for the Chinese Economy.This has been supported by the fact that China has in surplus Trade with India along overall Trade of 80 billion USD(2012-official data).Recently. Chinese President in a special  Article to Indian Newspaper mentioned that”China is world Factory and India is World Back Office ,these two nations will produce the World’s Most Competitive production Base”.

China is aware about fact that India is Worlds third largest Economy in terms of PPP(Technical……dn’t wrry Long  Live Google or Can go to my Publication ABC of Economics) and to disturb this ,it may sundial for China because of Economic relation with India.


Being known to fact that China and India are neighbours & also Biggest players in Asia,instability due to war or Cold War might hurt the benefits of Both.this may hamper the Growth of Both Top Economies and will paved the way for Undue advantage to Western Nations.

India and China,both are developing nation and are in Process of advanced it is important for both to take a firm stand against the Developed nations on environmental issues.Moreover,Both has been equivocal on several climatic issues like Copenhagen summit,Doha round negotiations etc.

Both shared the BASIC,BRICS and Recently Agreed for BRICS Bank..

Former PM Manmohan singh once said that “when china and India Shakes hand then World take notices”and  recently it has been reiterated by Chinese President Xi Xinping(:p not eleven XinPing) in different form that  “ When India and China speak in one voice, the world will pay attention.

Above all arguments,we can support the statement that “China will not attack on its Interest(India)”

but surely not certain about the Chinese strategy and India should be kept eye on every inch movement.India should Prepare to a face any debacle like sino India 1962 war.

No body knows about that what is going in mind of china’s think-tank and what would be next strategy against the India.

This is all about diplomatic matrix.

Are in this article we are too much optimistic?

Is India a soft Nation  ?

we will Catch these question in Next article………


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  1. Reading so many news articles one thing but the blog gives the whole picture. I would like to request you to write more to educate us.

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