Democracy in India is Not Achilles Heel!!

Prescript:This is my old article which had written in 2013, ……….

What a clumsy, beautiful mess democracy can be 🙂

Democracy is what?the Answer is Simple…. for the People by the people… So citizens have great political impact on system.

India is the largest democracy in the world. Indian democracy has been an act of faith from the outset. No one can challenge  that it has been smooth sailing since independence , and the ship of state has come close to foundering on the shoals of sectarian tensions, but the world’s largest democracy has weathered considerable challenges to chart a sound course for its future.

It’s Not a debatable Point , a country that is striving to be an economic global powerhouse is being pulled down by its own political system’. ‘no system is perfect, people from the country have to change that by participating in the system and being the part of the system. ‘

We all knows about that the factor shackling the india is bad politics.Politics is not always bad ,sometimes it may be good.question comes across the mind of Investors why should anyone invest in india where corruption is nurtured by political system.

In the Last years, India has been  the  witness of some  protests in which crowds largely composed of  Common urbanites have taken to the streets to demand a more accountable and responsive Political System.

Beginning in the mid of 2011, citizens joined in anticorruption Movement led by the social activists who agitated for reform after Corruption & various scams . The Natural anger is entirely justified, and the factors linked to Political System  woes are well-known –Corruption and Crime among the ranks of elected officials, and a crushing system bureaucracy. However, the root causes mostly go unexplored.

Although Being Part of Democratic nation in india,Every body has right to Speech,Right to Protest and freedom of expression but sometimes beyond the limits ,it may harm the democratic Structure of Nation.Everybody has definite role in the Constitution.There is also Particular Role of Civil Society’s and NGO’s  in the system,they act as Pressure Groups and It’s necessary to Show their Anger through Demonstrations and Protest .But to blame on every issue and show Protest every time,it looks a serious threat to democracy.who will decide what is right?you,me or they……no we Should decide and election is best way, which is backbone of democracy.So we should use that Predefined and best possible way to run the system in spite of blackmailing the System. People Should raise their demands by taking  part in Particular system of elections leaving behind other alternatives.

Every body is talking about system.what actually it is ?we made the  system and  we are indefinite part of it. We should use our Power of Vote.If anybody  doesn’t like any candidate, go for 49(0) Null Voting system to discard the candidate.(Now Provision of NOTA in Ballot)

The upward mobile class in India shuns voting. If they understand their responsibility and come out to Vote,Can change the system.One vote one value is beauty of democracy.

“A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.”
― Theodore Roosevelt


We should  need to reevaluate our Judicial and electoral System and make changes in constitutional manner without being radicalism.

People should not allow communalism, separatism, casteism, terrorism, etc to raise their heads.They are a threat to democracy.

Certain matters by their very nature should be left to administrative authorities rather than Civil society’s,NGO’s seeking to substitute their own views and perceptions of ‘what is the best solution to the problem.’

The conclusion is not that the  democratic institutions have been Perfectly good, nor that the ballot box is an elixir for India’s ills, but simply that civic participation channelled through the vote is better than the alternatives.

                     Democracy is worst form of govt,but it is best available.

On Realistic Note the purpose of any political system should be the peaceful resolution of conflicts of interest and the just allocation of public resources.

The solution of problem lies in the Problem itself.This is our public responsibility to show trust in Our democratic system and to call for structural and economic reforms .

The government, the Civil Society’s  and the people together should work collectively for the economic development of the nation. Changes should come through peaceful, democratic and constitutional means.


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