Chinese Panda Diplomacy

Recently came across the Editorial in The Indian Express regarding china panda diplomacy and in this author maintained that china might carry panda diplomacy  with India too after designation of  Narender modi  as PM.


So What actually it is? is china panda diplomacy a pejorative term? or is it in positive connotation?

Lets try to analyse  this

Panda diplomacy can be  traced its root in china from its historical past as far as Tang Dynasty.In modern era ,during late 60s and early 0s china used to gift Panda in Good will Gesture to thier allies such as came into world forum when in 1972 china gave two pandas to us president richard Nixon in thanks to their historical visit to normalise the relationship between china nad usa but after 1984,when panda put in endangered list,china started to provide Panda on Loan or Lease Basis.

Panda diplomacy is based on the Chinese concept of ‘Guanxi’ denoting deep trade relationships characterised by trust, loyalty and longevity. Pandas are conservation icons and boost a zoo’s brand. If a panda is given to the country, the Chinese have entrusted an endangered, precious animal and importantly a Chinese national treasure to the country; it signifies in some ways a new start to the relationship.

Recently China compared PM Narender modi to Nixon and trying to normalise the relationship with India.So,Some Journalist and Political Commentators are expecting that China may Start the New Relationship with India through Panda  Diplomacy.


But it has been Criticised by environmentalist nad International Envirocare organizations to loan panda; arguing that it is more of commercial relationship rather to promote environment Sustainiblity

So Lets Wait for dragon initiative to Gift Panda to Indian Tiger.


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