The Unsung Gandhian…….Irom Sharmila

Anna Hazare’s Fast unto death on Lokpal,TRS chief KC Rao Fast on the issue of Telangana and Several Other who supposed to be Protest with Gandhain Value .

These  Satyagrah has been in Media picture during thier Protest.There Protest last upto 10-12 or Max 20 Days. But there are also few who has been farway from these attention some of them are G.D Agarwal who fasted thrice for Ganga campaign and Very Recently in 2011 to save ganga from illegal mining,famous gangaputra nigamanad saraswati died on his 115th day of fast. As Usual Like Others on Sympathetic and Impulsive Tone,He got some attention after the Death but forgotten with in week of his death. 7

Leave aside  these stories,Here is another one who has been Fasting from Last 14 yrs.

Irom Chanu Sharmila “the Iron Lady of Manipur” who has been arrested  during their Hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in 2006 on Ground of IPC Section 309( 😛  not a Law Graduate ok…..309 deals with attempt to Sucide.

She has been 28yrs old during thier Hunger Strike.Sudeep Chakravty author of red sun has  called her ” a Living Matryr” It is again a  matter of Debate that  Suicide  is ethical or Not ? and Moreover Euthanasia is again ethical or Not?

I will discuss with this raising Concern in upcoming Articles but before this lets check the state incompetence to deal with this sensitive matter.



Why She has been on Hunger Strike ?

She has been Fasting since  5 Nov. 2000 demanding the repeal of Dracoanian AFSPA (Draconian acc. to her) in Manipur.she has not been taking any food and water .she went on   hunger strike on next day of  “Malom Massacre”.During this Massacre,10 Civiilians were Killed including National Child Bravery award winner by Assam Rifles.   Hunger Strike?…..then how is she alive? Well,she has been forced to take vitamin and nutrients to be alive by nastogastric intubation.(again technical 😛 Not a  Medico..go to google 😀 )

Why She got arrested?

Well in India being part of modernised world suicide is not only  unethical but also  unlawful activity thereby Crime under the section 309 of Indian Penal Code. She has been Arrested in Manipur as well as Delhi during 2000 and 2006 respectively. Recently she has been Cahrged by the chief judicial magistrate of Imphal East district &  ruled that prima facie evidence had been found against Sharmila on the attempting to commit suicide, and that the courts would begin hearing prosecution witnesses.

What is AFSPA,1958 and why  sometimes is to be  called Draconian?

This is very long ranging debate from Kashmir to Imphal via Delhi.but for short it is Armed force Special Powers Act enacted in 1958 which gave power to army to regulate and control the affected area with thier own Provisions and Rules. It has been argued and believed that it is bieng misused by Authorities.


India as world Largest Democracy still not able to resolve these issues.Yes,State bieng caretaker of citizen  should Protect his or her  Life but same time should try to know the reason behind this.why he or she is trying to do so ?

India should Act as Mature democratic nation and should resolve this matter as soon as possible because states duty is not only to protect the  mere life must provide life with dignity,pride and just life.

and last but  not the least ,Media which is very famous as Fourth pillar of democarcy should Continous ask the authorities and Maintain Pressure on Govt. to Resolve this Matter.



This is first article in the series of Personality,in which we will try to discuss those prominent figure which has very imperative role in their respective area.


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