Elections 2014…………………New Spring in Indian Politics

Elections 2014 somewhat surprising for too many but not for all.the reason behind this is very well known that it has ended the coalition era by giving first majority govt. almost after 30 years.

Definitely this is  a new spring in india and it can be felt everywhere.

Though I am not supporter of any party and preoccupied ideology but still not feeling much comfortable  with the PM designate Narender  Modi.Despite this, He is going to be  my Prime minister and as a care takerof the state I can expect lot from them ( 😉 not Compromising my Free Choice)

I am going to do certain analysis which will throw the some lights on mandate of  Elections 2014 ….

Q.Was there any Modi Wave? 

Very well Known Fact!!!!!……Yes, it was the Modi wave and anybody can agree(Finally INC has also  accepted) with that after the Elections Result.

282 seats acquired by BJP is strong fact that proves that there was the wave and ofcourse it was Modi Wave.but who created this or what enforces this wave to blow across the country.This might because of well Planned Strategy,Modi’s Aggresive Attitude against the opposition,BJP Stronghold in Hindi heartland or Modi’s Marketing of Gujrat Developmentmal Model. But all we will agree on that,there was strong resentment against the UPA Govt and also there was the very popular  Anti-incumbancy factor.

Despite this, one cannot be absolute and sametime it can be argued that if there was modi wave then what led to BJP’s Strong Players like Shanawaj hussian and FM in Waiting Arun Jaitely ouster.

😉 one can again argue that by saying “Exceptions are always there”


Q.How democracy has been matured by this victory of right wing forces?

A thumping Victory of BJP which is undisputedly Countrys Major Right wing force led the new   equations of Secular and Caste Politics. The So called  “ garh” of caste and relegion politics,uttar pradesh  has been blown away by the BJP & Apna Dal with 73 seats out of 80.

There is no discussion required here because  it was very  clear mandate in favour of BJP occured due to the polarisation of votes. Somehow  Gandhi  duos(Sonia and Rahul) and Yadav Panchaal(Yadav Family-Mulayam-2seats,Dimple,Dharmender and Akshay) able to manage thier seats :D.

but main point is there how it  has helped  to mature the democracy?

Democarcy is all about 5D  deliberation ,dialogue, debate ,discussion and Decision and all other regional parties in UP failed to do so .But ,I can’t take absolutistic view on Regional party ineffeciencys because the AIDMK,TMC and BJD  gives us  the different Picture. But Since UP is Largest State in tems of Parliamentary seats and it has been centerpoint of caste and Secular Politics in India,so I am going to Explore the UP majorily.

It has strenghthen the democarcy with eliminating the old equations of Muslim,Dalit and Higher Caste Vote Bank.BJP Victory gives the impression that now politics has been changed and it will not merely going to be  based on caste and communal politics.

People has showed their faith in BJP which is ardent believer of Hindutva not just  because of their Ideology but they Majorily  Voted in Favour  of Ineffiency of the Secular & Caste based  Political Parties.People were fascinated towards the Modi Wave (as it has already discussed what were the Ingredients of this wave) and wanted to get rid off from secular and caste based Partys. Majority of people believes that the parties lost their gound because they were not doing that politics on which it was really based.They were getting away from thier Core Ideology and  Ineffiency to address the Serious Concern regarding thier Devolpment in terms of education,health,employment rather they were using it as their vote Banks.

These Political Parties were enjoying the status quo(which they had established with hardwork @ground level) and were started to  use these sections merely a vote Bank. Aftermath,they are able to understand and knows that why they lost their ground.some of the examplery Activities by these political parties  are very widespread among media……BSP and SP dissolved thier all floor to high level committies and same time BSP started to designate the at least 1 dalit at each level of Committees.

Bihar CM (Now Ex-CM 😀 ) led the one more step as stepping down and designate the Mahadalit Jeetanram manjhi to be Chief Minister.This is very Bold & Visionary  step to Woo the Lower sections Voter which believed to be getting away from JDU.Nitish kumar is eyeing on the 2015 Assembly elections and through this step they wanted to savetheir “qila” .

These all deveoplments resulted due to outcome of Mandate 2014 and  indirectly strenghtning the democracy.


PS:-There is lot more in the series of Elections 2014-Internal Democracy.We will Analyse the some more Questions…..such as

Is It Last Rite for the Congress?

Does BSP Wipeout from UP really shows clear picture of Lost Ground?



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4 Responses to Elections 2014…………………New Spring in Indian Politics

  1. S Shekhar says:

    insightful, well-written

  2. vsv011 says:

    Thanks Shekhar!
    Keep Visiting!

  3. Abhay says:

    Agreed to all the points mentioned by you.

    I must add though that the people of India were sick of INC and their directionless leaders. They wanted an alternative eagerly. AAP was not credible enough because of their newness in system, all this favored BJP heavily.

  4. vsv011 says:

    Thanks Abhay for a ur valuable inputs!

    Keep Visting the blog…..

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