A friend indeed is a friend in need…..Indo-Russia Relations


“Russia has stood by India at moments of great international challenge, when our own resources were limited, and our friends were few. Beyond all the assistance that we have received, it is this last fact that Indians will never forget,”…………These words of Manmohan singh Signifies the Confidence and Trust for russia,during thier Moscow tour.   Moscow New Delhi Relationship is not having strategic & diplomatc but same time having a  touch of emotional sentiments.sounds irksome?…….but its true when no body was with India in thier difficult times…USSR was alone in the world that stood for India.Whether it may be very well known 1971 war or on kashmir issue,Russia Favoured India on Several Issues.Inspite of this,USSR Continous Support to India in terms of Military assistance and Industrial Technological Assistance.

But Recently there has confilct arising between Ukrain and Russia that resulted in Russia-US Cld War.In Contrast of these Development ,it has become more important how india will react. India amid Row gave a statement favouring the Russian Interest and Surely this has been Echoed by Russian President Puting by Thanking to India. So It is always imp despite of having Non alignment policy india should little lean towards thier best Interest.

PS:This is warm up article for the blog.Since International Relation is My Favourite  part so I wrote on India-Russia Relation .I will Comeout  Later with Detailed discussion and analysis on same topic in Series of International relations.


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4 Responses to A friend indeed is a friend in need…..Indo-Russia Relations

  1. Nitin says:

    Very well written 😊. I think u by mistake referred to 1971 war as kasmir war, which was more of liberation of Bangladesh war.

  2. Nitin says:

    I would like to know about your view on annexation of crimea and role of Russia in ‘unresting’ Ukraine.

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